Short Film – Tent

Two brothers go on a camping trip to try and reconcile their differences and help the youngest brother with his recent break up.

Starring Robert Harper & Matt Palfrey.

Written and Directed by Jamie Sergeant

Filmed on location in Staffordshire.

Television – The Bench

Legal drama based in a magistrates court in Wales. Robert Harper as Tim the Warden.

With Julian Lewis Jones, Mark Lewis Jones, and Louis Dempsey.

Series created by Catherine Treganna & Matthew Robinson.

For BBC Wales.

Television – Tati’s Hotel for CiTV


  • Children’s 26 part series
  • Live-action

“A live-action, magical, Fawlty Towers for kids’ with a bright, bubbly, unstoppable heroine.”

Seven and a half-year-old Tati is the smallest in her house. She lives with her mum & dad, her cousins and aunt and uncle: all squished into one home.

Yes, it’s a perfectly happy, chaotic, loving home, but there’s very little space. Tati can never quite get to the dinner table in time for a seat and her voice never seems to be heard when everybody is talking. Which is a real shame – because she’s simply CRAMMED full of good ideas.


I play the guest character of Courier Fred, for Episode 18, aired on CiTV during 2011.