Publications & Awards


Marble Poetry (Issue 1) – July 2018: ‘Speak Up’

The Interpreter’s House (Issue 68) – June 2018: ‘Emile Fed Them Books’

‘#2PoetryAnthology’ (Vanguard Editions, 2016) – October 2016: ‘It doesn’t matter if I’m a clown’

The Everyday Poet (An anthology edited by Deborah Alma – The Emergency Poet) – October 2016: ‘Inefficient view of a happy man’

The Fat Damsel’s Thinking Man (August 2016) – ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘Question’, ‘School Gates’, ‘The Rally’, ‘When I heard it’, ‘Snakes Alive’, ‘witchbundle’.

Don’t be Afraid – An anthology in appreciation of Seamus Heaney (Lapwing Press 2016): ‘Verbal Aridity’

And Other Poems: ‘silent summer’

New Welsh Reader (previously New Welsh Review) Issue 111: ‘The Judge’

Wenlock Poetry Festival Anthology 2016: ‘Boy in Blue’

Ink Sweat & Tears: ‘Through a Lens’

Nutshells and Nuggets: ‘Inefficient view of a happy man’, ‘Picked like a lime’

Manchester Metropolitan University  (Anthology, A New Manchester Alphabet ): ‘M for Music’

Poetry School: ‘witchbundle’ (plus ‘How I did it’ article)

Wenlock Poetry Festival: ‘Forswunken’

The Lonely Crowd: ‘Prey’, ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Poetry Book Society (“I am part of that generation”: Poems from the 2014 PBS National Student Poetry Competition): ‘It doesn’t matter if I’m a clown’

Rebel Poetry Ireland (Anthology – Fathers and what must be said): ‘School Gates’

Royal Philharmonic Society (Did I hear that?): ‘The Rally’

Acumen (80): ‘Spore’

Shrewsbury Stanza Anthology: ‘Bench’, ‘Splinters’

Wenlock Poetry Festival Poetry Trail: ‘Bench’

Poems for Children’s Heart Week: ‘Hush’

Prole (Issue 14): ‘Outside the corner chippy’

The Interpreter’s House (Issue #56): ‘Butternut‘, ‘Snakes Alive

Bare Fiction Magazine: Review & interview with Dan O’Brien on poetry, theatre and War Reporter



Poetry Book Society (2014 PBS National Student Poetry Competition, Highly Commended): ‘It doesn’t matter if I’m a clown’

Judge’s comment: Jane Yeh

“I admire the effortless-seeming verve and freshness of this piece: the contemporary, conversational voice and rush of phrases breathe life into the depiction of a fraught relationship. This is a highly accomplished and compelling poem that displays a spirited imagination at play.”

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