Robert Harper in Night Must Fall

Theatre – Night Must Fall by Emlyn Williams

Until Richard Burton came along, Emlyn Williams was Wales’ best known film actor and playwright. Born in North Wales, the studio theatre at Clwyd Theatre Cymru has been named after him. In the early seventies, Kelligan toured a production of Night Must Fall starring Hywel Bennet as Danny, the role that first brought Williams international acclaim.

Directed by Hugh Thomas


Chapter, Cardiff Tues 15 February 2011, 8pm – £4 on the door

The Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea Wed 16 February 2011, 7:30pm – £4


Lord Chief Justice – Hugh Thomas

Mrs Bramson – Judith Haley

Olivia Grayne – Claire Cage

Hubert Laurie – Robert Harper

Mrs Terence – Clêr Stephens

Dora Parkoe – Lizzie Rogan

Inspector Belzie – Jonny Tudor

Danny – Jay Worley


Hugh Thomas

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