Robert Harper in Night Must Fall

Theatre – Night Must Fall by Emlyn Williams

Until Richard Burton came along, Emlyn Williams was Wales’ best known film actor and playwright. Born in North Wales, the studio theatre at Clwyd Theatre Cymru has been named after him. In the early seventies, Kelligan toured a production of Night Must Fall starring Hywel Bennet as Danny, the role that first brought Williams international […]

Theatre – The Ordinary Three by Lotty Morris

One women, two men. Who is keeping an eye on who? Directed by Elise Davison Performances Chapter, Cardiff Tues 9 Nov 8pm – £4 on the door Theatre Halliwell, Trinity College, Carmarthen Wed 10 Nov 7:30pm – £6 Cast A – Tom Mumford B – Robert Harper W – Polly Kilpatrick

Theatre – Séan Tyrone by Mark Ryan

Séan Tyrone by Mark Ryan, performed by Company of Sirens at Chapter Theatre Thu 1st July – Sat 3rd July : 8pm “It Seemed As If The Whole Town Had Died” Séan O’Brien left his wife and son in County Tyrone to find work as a collier in the South Wales Valleys. Years later Naihm […]