Short Film – Justice Needs No ZimmerFrame

The Story follows Chuck Miller aka StopWatcher, a 40 year old Real Life Superhero, Who cant seem to let go of his past. He feels it is his one and only duty to protect the streets he was bought up on. after constantly being unappreciated and ridiculed by his community, All he wants is admiration and respect from the people he fights for. He finds himself being followed by an aspiring journalism student who feels his “Comical” story should be shared with the world.

Chuck Miller – Kevin Kinson
Joe – James Whitehurst
Chemist – Robert Harper
Mentor – Colin Spidey

Director – Jack Monk
Producer – Lydia St Phillip
Visual department – Peter Crees and Will Alcock
Sound Department – Jake Parker and Matt Amison
Lighting and Running – Gareth Roberts, Dan Cottingham and Timothy Williams.
Editing – Caitlin Donaldson
Sound Tech – Dean Batty

Music Composed by Brian Crutchfield
‘On Hells Horizon’
‘Dramatic Underscore’
‘Sneaky Comedy’

Short Film – Tent

Two brothers go on a camping trip to try and reconcile their differences and help the youngest brother with his recent break up.

Starring Robert Harper & Matt Palfrey.

Written and Directed by Jamie Sergeant

Filmed on location in Staffordshire.

Television – The Bench

Legal drama based in a magistrates court in Wales. Robert Harper as Tim the Warden.

With Julian Lewis Jones, Mark Lewis Jones, and Louis Dempsey.

Series created by Catherine Treganna & Matthew Robinson.

For BBC Wales.

Television – Tati’s Hotel for CiTV


  • Children’s 26 part series
  • Live-action

“A live-action, magical, Fawlty Towers for kids’ with a bright, bubbly, unstoppable heroine.”

Seven and a half-year-old Tati is the smallest in her house. She lives with her mum & dad, her cousins and aunt and uncle: all squished into one home.

Yes, it’s a perfectly happy, chaotic, loving home, but there’s very little space. Tati can never quite get to the dinner table in time for a seat and her voice never seems to be heard when everybody is talking. Which is a real shame – because she’s simply CRAMMED full of good ideas.


I play the guest character of Courier Fred, for Episode 18, aired on CiTV during 2011.