Battersea: ars centrica

Battersea: ars centrica The Gecko will be missing from the Grand Hall for a week, or more, I’m afraid it can’t be helped. There was a fire, you see. Lorraine & Alan, they escaped it, they were lucky, and Penelope was told in time. Daniel? Mmm, he knows the glass is more than half an […]

Snakes Alive

I saw a crow speak in tongues to a snake at the fork in the road by the baker’s shop on Wednesday morning. I knew it was Wednesday because the night before Gran had gone to bingo. The snake eyed the crow with respect, tasted the air with a flick, then a hiss, and nodded […]

Kate Tempest

A prize like this

A ‘found poem’ made from selected words and phrases from the Poetry Society Poetry News Summer 2013 article on Kate Tempest winning the Ted Hughes Award. A prize like this The loud cheer that followed an hour long story, told – the tale of two families collide brand new. Ancients, unanimous with knobs on, up – […]