Battersea: ars centrica

Battersea: ars centrica

The Gecko will be missing from the Grand Hall

for a week, or more, I’m afraid

it can’t be helped.

There was a fire, you see. Lorraine & Alan, they

escaped it, they were lucky,

and Penelope

was told in time. Daniel? Mmm, he knows

the glass is more than half an hour full

and that almost twenty years ago Oedipus, blinded

by the darkness, could never have

foretold this ‘fiction’ to be true.

This nation’s theatre

will rise again, the ashes

will be brushed aside, critics

will be welcomed with a scratch

or two

as the Gecko sleeps,

then dances back to life.

Written in support of Battersea Arts Centre, which suffered a devastating fire on March 13th resulting in the loss of the Grand Hall. The final week of Gecko Theatre company‘s production of ‘Missing’ had to be cancelled as they had been performing in the Grand Hall. Gecko are hoping to rebuild their show so that they can take it on tour. Watch out for their fundraising campaign if you feel able to help.

You can help support the rebuilding of the Battersea Arts Centre by donating on this link.

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